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A government watchdog has said that the Internal Revenue Service could do more to prevent tax fraud if it invested more money in ensuring that the identities of taxpayers are properly verified

The reality that “Blockchain” does not equal “cryptocurrency” or more specifically “Bitcoin” is well understood by business leaders today. But executives are just starting to realize that blockchain does equal opportunity for their businesses. Through its vast, and still largely untapped potential, blockchain may significantly streamline enterprise processes, reduce labor- and document-intensive transactions, and generally […]

The tourism industry wants to work with the Government to ensure its new tax on most of New Zealand’s international visitors is used to enhance their experience of our country.

The government suffered on Wednesday its second defeat as a Senate panel rejected a proposal to increase income tax rates for individuals effective July 2018.

There isn’t a lot for investors to get excited about under the U.S.’s new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—with one major exception: The effective tax rate on real estate investment trusts has been slashed.

Speaking at a gathering of digital leaders in Paris this week, France’s economic minister called on fellow European Union nations to rally behind a proposal to levy a tax on tech giants.

A parliamentary committee has recommended the government to reduce the rate of tax for highest slabs for salaried as well as non-salaried income in the Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

Airbnb has backed calls for a bed tax in Queenstown, saying it could help ease the cost of tourism on ratepayers.

Fuel taxes being introduced by a Labour-led Government and Auckland’s Labour mayor Phil Goff are taking food off the table for the poor, says a social agency. Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) said fuel taxes by their nature are hitting low-income families the hardest.

Early returns guarantees enough time for the transfers and avoid administrative penalties.

Google, Facebook and other sites that host news content on their platforms should pay an annual tax to fund journalism in the UK. This is the stance of the News Media Association, the British newspaper industry’s trade body which represents most of the UK media.

A day of reckoning is looming for online retailers as they start to digest the full impact of the US Supreme Court’s June ruling on internet sales taxes.

Jordan’s cabinet on Tuesday sent to parliament an IMF-backed draft tax bill, a main plank of austerity measures to ease rising public debt, an issue that caused street protests last summer, officials said.

A capital gains tax would push up house prices as well as significantly increasing rents, according to economic modelling commissioned for the Tax Working Group.

The Government could lose as much as $8 billion in tax revenue by putting a stop to oil and gas permits around the country.

PIE funds could get a shake-up if New Zealand were to implement a broad-based capital gains tax regime.

Tobacco excise rates have increased by 10 percent above inflation each year since 2010, and this is scheduled to continue til 2020.

CARF – which is the highest administrative tax court within the framework of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance – has recently issued two opinions with regards to the deferral of the taxation of capital gains arising out from the sale of share control of a company by means of closely-end investment funds (Fundos de Investimentos […]

Tax authorities say they have used surveillance drones in Greece for the first time to spot violations on Santorini, where tourists were allegedly being taken on boat tours of the island’s sea-filled volcanic crater without getting receipts.

More than $1 billion of tax relief each year for building owners is on the table if the Tax Working Group recommends and the Government accepts that depreciation on buildings should be allowed again.

Changes to the tax system could bring in almost €3bn extra for spending on housing, health, and welfare services next year, according to Social Justice Ireland (SJI).

A business lobby group is criticising the tax rules for being too heavy-handed on small businesses. The Tax Working Group released its interim report this week and ruled out a cut in the company tax rate, a progressive tax rate or alternative taxation for small businesses, such as cash-flow or turnover taxes.

The radical plans to raise £500million by hiking council tax for those who have a second home will hit hundreds of thousands of households across Britain.

The self-employed have been warned not to be drawn in by companies offering to boost their take-home pay to as much as 90pc of their income.

China’s government is grappling with an inconvenient truth: you can’t cut taxes, boost spending and reduce the budget deficit all at the same time.

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