Money Laundering

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The co-dependence of Russia and Europe has complicated efforts to punish Russia economically. The latest wrinkle is the fact that Russians love to park their money in tax havens under the European Union’s jurisdiction; and the countries involved love Russian cash just as much.

ISLAMABAD: With main focus on combating financing of terrorism in Pakistan, top guns of the Nawaz regime put their heads together on Friday and decided to expedite efforts to come up with a comprehensive anti-money laundering law and counter-terrorism financing legislation.

Britain’s major banks remain vulnerable to being used to fund terrorism and money laundering by criminal gangs, despite being fined billions of pounds in recent years for failing to crackdown on illegal financing.

Why waste time and money with international tax havens when good old Delaware has essentially no requirements for creating a corporation.

Europe’s latest anti-money laundering proposals — unveiled yesterday — could have been more ambitious, complained leading independent corruption busting campaigners.

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