Tax Whistleblowing

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A suspected whistle-blower who revealed secret tax avoidance deals between multinational companies and Luxembourg has been charged with theft, money-laundering and exposing trade secrets over a two year period.

A crowd of some 1,500 people took to the streets of the Hungarian capital Budapest on Saturday, December 28 to protest against corruption, particularly tax fraud by large companies.

Detection of tax evasion in business and at ports will become lucrative for revenue officials as the government plans a massive jump in their rewards. To give the staff of customs, service and excise duty departments reasons to sniff out more tax evasion cases the government plans to raise by ten fold their rewards in […]

LONDON – UK taxpayers are keeping a vigilante eye on each other’s tax affairs, and are making hundreds of anonymous tip-offs regarding incidences of tax evasion.

The German state of North-Rhine Westphalia may buy more secret Swiss bank data to clamp down on tax evaders even as politicians seek diplomatic ways to end bank secrecy, its finance minister said on Monday.

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