Taxation in Afghanistan

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Private telecom companies have been accused of not doing enough to help government collect the tax but they say it is not their responsibility.

A new tax regime aimed at weaning Afghanistan off international aid has boosted government revenues but drawn complaints from some private businesses that it hits them unfairly, dampening hopes of economic recovery after decades of war.

The Taliban have demanded a hefty new “protection tax” from Afghan mobile phone companies, industry and militant sources told AFP, as the resurgent group tightens its stranglehold on a rare successful business in a slumping war economy.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s nominee for agriculture minister in the new cabinet is on an Interpol wanted list for tax evasion in Estonia, a fact Ghani’s spokesman said was unknown to his office at the time of his nomination.

The corrupt Afghan government has hit American contractors trying to rebuild their war-torn nation with nearly $1 billion in business taxes despite agreements that the work should be free from local taxes, according to a new inspector general’s report. If the administration doesn’t fight the money grab, American taxpayers will be on the hook for […]

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