Taxation in Belarus

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Protesters in Belarus took to the streets of several cities on March 15 for the latest in a series of demonstrations against a tax on the unemployed in the tightly controlled former Soviet republic.

More than 1,000 demonstrators came out in the Belarusian city of Brest on March 5 to protest against a law on “social parasitism,” a Soviet-era piece of legislation still in force that obliges nonworking people to pay a tax.

Street protests against a tax on adults who are not in full-time work spread from Belarus’s capital Minsk to other towns on Sunday, local media reported.

An announcement made in Minsk says Belarus is going to impose a tax of almost $300 a year on each working-age, able-bodied citizen who does not work.

Belarus has introduced changes to its tax system in order to give VAT refunds to foreign visitors who spend at least BYR800,000 (USD92) in one participating outlet during one day.

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