Taxation in Dominica

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Spain’s major political corruption trial in the modern era began Monday with 95 defendants accused of money laundering, prevarication, embezzlement of public funds and fraud in the City Council of Marbella, with ramifications in Dominican Republic’s top political circles.

Internal Taxes Agency (DGII) revenue jumped 15.9% to RD$15.5 billion in August and 9.1% during the last eight months, when it collected RD$2.1 billion more than the same previous year period.

The Internal Taxes Agency (DGII) and the National District Office of the Prosecutor announced that four companies will be charged with defrauding the Government out of RD$500 million by using forged tax supports.

Customs director Rafael Camilo and business leaders from Santiago and the Industries Association will sign an agreement to “voluntarily” pay, together with 20 other companies operating within Proindustria Law 392-07, the ITBIS tax on the raw materials via Customs, and not Internal Taxes, as the law stipulates.

The dealers of the world’s automakers grouped in Acofave denounced that many used car importers have managed to break the law and affirm that the lack of supervision allows some of them to launder money from local sources as well as from abroad.

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