Taxation in Ecuador

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At the UN general assembly session, Ecuador will propose the creation of a global tax regulator. The IMF estimates that tax dodging costs developing countries more than $200bn (£152bn) a year – much more than the total global aid budget. The proposed UN body would be made up of member states and be empowered to […]

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa recently announced a national referendum that would bar any politician from having assets in tax havens.

Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, has promised new measures to raise the billions of dollars needed to rebuild a country left reeling by its worst earthquake in decades, including a one-off tax on millionaires.

A proposed “wealth redistribution law” that would radically tax inheritances in Ecuador has sparked angry protests against the government of President Rafael Correa.

Ecuador plans to impose a “junk food tax” on fast food restaurants, and will use the revenues to address the negative health effects on its citizens of diets laden with salt and fat.

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