Taxation in Finland

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Some 300,000 tax cards were sent out with inaccurate taxation percentage rates for the year 2017, the Finnish Tax Administration confirmed on Wednesday. The agency says it does not plan to send out new tax cards, but will send letters to those affected with information about how to obtain a correct tax card, online.

Staff at the Finnish embassy in Sweden have been accused of bootlegging thousands of pounds worth of tax-free alcohol and tobacco.

Ordinary citizens paid close to one billion euros more in income taxes to government coffers last year than they did in 2013. However the government’s corporate tax take fell by nearly 250 million euros due to a decrease in corporate taxes.

A recent poll of public perception of a handful of Finnish taxation practices found that a clear majority said they would be prepared to gradually increase Finland’s excise tax on tobacco, but stood in opposition to higher vehicle taxes.

A European Union programme to introduce harmonisation and cross-border recognition of vehicle registrations could spell trouble for the collection of vehicle taxes from motorists in Finland. If the reform is pushed through it could become easier for motorists — and car rental and leasing companies – to shop around for more favourable vehicle tax rates […]

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