Taxation in Guam

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Lawmakers have approved an amendment to the fiscal year 2019 budget bill that raises the tax on cigarettes from $3 to $4 a pack. Cigars and chewing tobacco also are affected by the tax increase, which is expected to raise close to $10 million annually.

Unlike the bitter debate over the new sales tax law, two new bills proposing tax increases received a relatively favorable reception during a legislative hearing Monday afternoon at the Guam Congress Building.

Shoppers would be charged a fee of 25 cents per plastic bag under a bill that seeks to gradually phase out the use of plastic bags in Guam.

Since an audit from Office of Public Accountability raised concerns over the inadequate collection of gaming taxes last year, the Department of Revenue and Taxation said it continues to improve its accountability when it comes to collecting fees from gaming machine operators.

The Department of Revenue and Taxation continues to process income tax returns filed for tax year 2015 but unlike the past few years, no refunds for of those processed returns have been paid, documents show.

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