Taxation in Haiti

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DataTorque Tax Management System Goes Live in Haiti. New Zealand technology business DataTorque has delivered its Revenue Management System (RMS) to help the Government of Haiti improve the livelihoods of its 10 million citizens.

Wilson Laleau, Minister of Economy and Finance met with the Mayors of Carrefour and St. Marc around the possibility of mobilizing fiscal resources and establish various mechanisms to expand the municipal tax base.

Twenty-four years after Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier left a champagne-filled party at his presidential palace and boarded a chartered jet to flee Haiti, leaving a chaotic and economically scarred nation behind, a democratically elected government in Haiti now has a chance to recover millions of dollars of stolen assets.

Deputy Finance Minister Dr. Sarath Amungama speaking at a function on Thursday said that that would benefit compliance, which in turn would compensate for any revenue loss due to reductions in tax rates.