Taxation in Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the transfer of some $63 million to the Palestinian Authority to help ease its economic crisis.

Next week, the Ministry of Finance will present to car importers two tax reforms, which will come into effect on January 1, 2013. The first is an update of the green taxes, which will be officially presented for the first time. The second reform applies to tax breaks on advanced safety systems.

Prices on everything in Israel are about to rise at least 1% – and some things are likely to go up much more – the result of the Finance Ministry’s official adoption of an austerity economic plan proposed by Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The Knesset Finance Ministry on Monday approved […]

Several thousand Israelis demonstrated their discontent at government austerity measures and the lack of universal military service in two separate protests in Tel Aviv late on Saturday.

Steinitz decides to delay implementation of tax hike to give businesses time to prepare.

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