Taxation in Italy

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Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said Tuesday that he was in favour of making a start on cutting income tax as the government continues to work on its 2019 budget law. “It is necessary to find the space, in a very gradual way, to make a start with… an initial reduction of household income rates,” Tria […]

Italy’s financial crimes force has identified around a thousand tax evaders accused of dodging more than €2 million a piece in 18 months.

Italy’s populist duo has all but completed a governing plan that includes a flat tax as low as 15 percent, a guaranteed income for the poor and a lower retirement age as they prepare to seek a green light from the president on Monday.

The Italian coalition taking shape 10 weeks after March’s inconclusive election has made economic promises that seem incompatible with Europe’s fiscal rules and will be hard, if not impossible, to keep.

Sir, As James Politi reports (“Berlusconi woos Italian voters with flat tax plan”, January 11), we at Istituto Bruno Leoni estimate a cost of roughly €27bn a year in lost revenues. In fact, our proposal would levy a 25 per cent flat rate on most taxes — included, but not limited to, the individual income […]