Taxation in Kyrgyzstan

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The Kyrgyz committee on international affairs and inter-parliamentary cooperation approved an agreement on avoiding double taxation and prevention of tax evasion on April 25.

Small and medium business easily escapes taxation in Kyrgyzstan, said expert Tatiana Kim at the panel discussion of the fiscal policy toward business.

A new tax dispute over fuel supplies at a strategically important air base in Kyrgyzstan is looming. US diplomats are concerned that potential wrangling could impede the war effort in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Economic Regulation (MER) of Kyrgyzstan intends to simplify concessional taxation procedures for international financial institutions. As noted, a drat decree has been already prepared. Changes to tax and labor codes will be made to resolve ambiguities in taxation of companies working in development projects and financed by international financial organizations.

“Development Strategy for Fiscal Policy should be worked out and approved prior to 1 December, 2010, in Kyrgyzstan,” Tatyana Kim, the Head of Consultants Chamber and Chairwoman of the methodological council on coordination of fiscal policy in the Ministry of Economic Regulation, stated today at a roundtable to discuss the draft amendments to the Tax […]

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