Taxation in Lebanon

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“Corruption in Lebanon is widespread and permeates all levels of society, as reflected by the country’s global and regional average performances scores in most governance areas,” Transparency International bluntly said regarding Lebanon’s corruption index.

There have been scuffles in Beirut after thousands gathered for a fourth day to protest against planned tax increases. Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s car was pelted with water bottles as the demonstration turned angry.

The European Union announced Friday the completion of a project to modernize Lebanon’s tax administration after nearly two years of cooperation between the French and Lebanese Finance departments.

Abu Faruq, a kiosk owner in an upscale Beirut district, does not hide his opinion about the influx of Syrian refugees: “Lebanon is occupied by foreigners,” he grumbled. “They’re ruining us.”

Prime Minister Najib Mikati and his Georgian counterpart signed an agreement to avoid double taxation Friday, the Georgian News Agency reported.

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