Taxation in Nigeria

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Paying income tax used to be a joke in Nigeria which, no wonder, has the worst tax to GDP ratio in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nigeria’s tax base has surged 36 percent in the past two years, but only about one in four working-age people is registered.

Nigeria should widen its tax revenue base to finance growth-enhancing upgrades to the nation’s infrastructure and social programs, said a senior International Monetary Fund official.

For a nation of nearly 200 million people, not many Nigerians pay taxes. Indeed, as of May 2017, only 14 million—or one in five—of Nigeria’s estimated 70 million economically active citizens were paying taxes. As such, Nigeria’s government has typically earned much less than it could have from taxes.

The Lagos State Government on Sunday said it would begin to shut the corporate headquarters of organisations that had defaulted in remitting statutory taxes to the government from Nov. 20.

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