Taxation in Norway

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Tax authorities in Norway have urged diligence when reporting cryptocurrency profits after news emerged that two miners paid just 74,000 kronor ($8750) in tax on reported holdings of 34 BTC ($218,000).

A graduated state income tax could result in a cut for most taxpayers while still generating more state revenue, a group supporting a progressive tax said Monday.

Norway will consider introducing a tax on fish farmers because of their use of the country’s national resources, the finance ministry said.

Finance Minister Siv Jensen has reason to smile after a long and difficult winter: New figures show a boom in unexpected tax revenue rolling into the state treasury, much of it tied to Norway’s economic recovery from the oil price collapse.

Norway boasts one of the world’s most transparent tax systems, and investments in its IT support infrastructure in recent years have helped to elevate a sense of impartial openness and harmony between the Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA) and the country’s population.

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