Taxation in Palestine

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Unfulfilled aid pledges and lost tax revenues are making life difficult for Palestinians, according to a recent World Bank report. A bad revenue-sharing deal with Israel costs the authority an estimated $285 million a year, the report shows, and only $1.41 billion of the $3.51 billion pledged has materialized to help Gaza rebuild after its […]

The Palestinian Authority is losing $285m in tax revenues a year because its current economic arrangements with Israel are not being implemented, a new report by the World Bank says.

Already suffering from high levels of poverty, unemployment and a suffocating siege, the Palestinian people of Gaza are now facing higher grocery bills.

Islamic movement says funds will be used to pay some 40,000 civil servants who haven’t received regular salaries in over a year

The Palestinian negotiator in peace talks with Israel said on Friday that the Israeli decision to stop tax money transfers to the territories was “piracy”.

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