Taxation in Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone’s government should reduce tax breaks for mining firms and roll out measures to block illicit financial flows in order to raise funds for its decimated health services and help prevent needless loss of lives, a report has said.

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Slovak electrician Michal is not the gambling type, but twice a month he holds his breath during a lottery draw in the hopes of winning thousands of euros or a new car.

The business community in Sierra Leone has blamed excruciatingly high tax rates and a horde of conditionalities as responsible for discouraging business prospects in the country, which has resulted in skyrocketing of prices of basic commodities.

In 2008 the global financial crisis swept the developed world. Despite hopes to the contrary, the impact quickly spread to developing countries, through the adverse effects of financial markets, export demand, capital flows and remittances. With a few exceptions the international financial institutions advised governments of low income countries against expansionary fiscal measures to counter […]

The National Revenue Authority, the agency responsible for collecting revenues for the government, has met with representatives from the Network of Economic and Development Reporters (NEDER) in a bid to explore possibility of working in partnership so as to contribute to Sierra Leone’s development strides.

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