Taxation in Somalia

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Tax department of the ministry of Finance of Puntland has announced to start the taxation of United Nations and the other international organization working in Puntland.

The Somali cabinet on Saturday (March 8th) approved a new tax system for the country.

Cabinet today discussed and endorsed a new tax system for Somalia. The Minister of Finance Hussein Abdi Halane presented plans for the new tax system and tariff levels to Cabinet, these plans will now move forward to parliament for approval.

Somalia has long defied the maxim that death and taxes are life’s only two certainties – with years of chaos and killings but little in the way of a coherent state to collect revenues and tariffs.

The Somali traders in Mogadishu’s markets have long faced down Islamist rebels and warlords demanding money. Now they say there is a new predator: the government tax man.

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