Taxation in Swaziland

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Women in eSwatini, formerly known a Swaziland are protesting a new law that would tax marriages with foreigners.

As the country tries to come to terms with the harshest economic challenges in its 42 year history, respected economist and university lecturer Christopher Fakudze says the only way out is fiscal discipline by ensuring that resources are spent wisely and correctly.

Switzerland and Oman have concluded negotiations on a double taxation agreement (DTA), and initialled the agreement. Along with an administrative assistance clause regarding tax matters in accordance with the OECD standard, it contains various provisions that are beneficial to the Swiss economy.

Increasing strains on a century-old, five-nation southern African customs union is raising questions as to whether the sovereignty of its poorest members – Lesotho and Swaziland – is sustainable, considering their burden of HIV/AIDS and the global economic slowdown, among other factors.

Rigorous strategies to intensify tax collection and compliance in Swaziland have been introduced and are already being applied; so all taxpayers should brace themselves because the new tax regime means business.

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