Taxation in Syria

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Many Kurds in Syria may dream of self-rule, but for business owners in the semi-autonomous region in the country’s north, it now comes with a painful pinch: double taxes.

Christians in Syria are being told to pay gold to an extremist group in order to be classed as a “protected” minority

As Syria teeters on the edge of revolution, the ruling elite are likely diverting millions in illicit capital out of the country, according to a forthcoming report by Global Financial Integrity.

The “luxury tax” against realty speculation has begun to manifest its effect, leading to the abortion or withdrawal of at least 10 major realty bidding projects up to now, worth over NT$3 billion in value.

Speaking to SANA, al-Hussein said the actual deficit in 2009 budget of SYP 685 billion was valued at SYP 42, 5 billion, 1, 7 % of the GDP, and the internal and external public debt by the end of 2009 recorded 25, 5 % of the GDP.

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