Taxation in Tonga

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Tonga’s sole domestic carrier Real Tonga will begin collecting domestic taxes to be added to their airfares, starting on 15 May.

Tonga has instituted new taxes on foods as part of its campaign to cut non-communicable diseases.

A Tongan community leader in New Zealand says the Tonga government’s decision to raise departure tax by almost 50 US dollars is an unreasonable burden on overseas-based Tongans.

Tonga is working hard to provide attractive incentives to lure foreign investors to invest in the kingdom. The country’s deputy Prime Minister Samiu Vaipulu last month told a group of Chinese businessmen that his government was looking at doing away with the 15% consumption tax levied on new businesses. He also outlined government’s efforts to […]

A confidential report about the status of Tonga’s economy shows almost a quarter of the population lives in poverty and the kingdom faces virtual bankruptcy.

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