Taxation in Tunisia

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Tunisia canceled a new tax on Monday imposed on travelers crossing Libya’s border after the measure triggered rioting, highlighting the problems facing the government as it seeks to bolster shaky state accounts.

A general strike has been declared in Tunisia’s flashpoint Tataouine region on Tuesday after clashes between protesters and security forces left at least one person dead at the weekend.

A Tunisian border town is blaming an unpopular Tunisian exit tax, introduced last October, for a nose-dive in its fortunes.

Next month, Tunisia is introducing their new tourism tax. Starting on 1st October, every tourist who comes to the country will be charged a departure tax of 30 dinars (about 13 euros).

The government is working to complete by the end of 2014 the tax reform project started 18 months ago, said Minister of Economy and Finance Hakim Ben Hammouda.

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