Taxation in Uruguay

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Uruguay will exempt marijuana production and sales from taxes in a bid to ensure prices remain low enough to undercut competition from black market pot smuggled in from Paraguay, according to consultants advising the government on a legalization plan.

Opposition leaders in Uruguay accused Argentina of “exerting pressure inside the G20 and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)” so the neighbouring country would be labeled a “tax haven,” the Montevideo media said.

Dividends, interest and royalty income will be taxed both in the country of residenc and in the country of source.

A double taxation agreement has been signed between Malta and Uruguay, the first tax treaty signed by the Government of Malta with a Latin American country.

India and Uruguay will sign agreements for the avoidance of double taxation and for cooperation in new and renewable energy during the week-long visit of Danilo Astori, vice-president of the Latin American nation, beginning Monday. Astori is accompanied by a 50-member delegation, including industry minister Roberto Kreimerman and 28 businessmen.

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