Taxation in Yemen

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Corruption is a source of worry of all Yemenis and more dangerous than security and poverty, Yemeni researchers said

The Marib executive council chaired by Governor Naji al-Zaidi has approved a draft of the governorate’s budget for next year covering both current and investment sectors at an amount of YR 7.8 billion. This represents an increase of YR 362 million from this year’s budget.

A number of parliamentarians recommended issuing regulations for a law against money-laundering and terrorism financing and prompting the social awareness of crimes against money-laundering and terrorism financing that involving the civil society in the promotion of law and control over law implementation.

he Majlis approved the double taxation avoidance and tax affairs information exchange agreement between Iran and Yemen.

Speaker of the Parliament Yahya al-Rae’i met on Monday a team of project to strengthen the fight against money-laundering and terrorism-financing at the Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC).