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Every electronic device capable of storing data is just another tool in the pirate’s chest. If you think your phone or mp3 player or hard drive is just something for storing data and perhaps even purchased software, movies, and music, think again. The simple fact you’ve decided to purchase any of these devices pretty much […]

Independent oil refineries import and process almost a fifth of the 9.57 million barrels of crude oil that China brings in daily. But that profitable corner of the world’s largest oil importer is now squirming under new tax policies that Beijing hopes will slim down the competition to state-owned refineries.

The main private television stations in Albania proposed a law that would see them sharing in several million euros of television-set taxes which currently go to the public broadcaster.

Mountain View, East Palo Alto, Cupertino and San Francisco blame the industry for inequality and overcrowding. They say companies have a stake in helping.

A new report from Hong Kong recommends slashing maritime tax in the country in order to attract more maritime companies.

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