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Egypt’s government is working to reduce the 5% tax on the capital gains system imposed last July, Minister of Investment Ashraf Salman said during his speech in EFG’s 11th Annual One-on-One conference in Dubai.

A key parliamentary committee is planning to raise money for the budget by taxing profits from sale of land, houses and even shares in the stock market.

The government’s proposal to double the long-term capital gains tax to 20% may have bearing on the investments into debt funds, feel experts.

U.S. taxpayers claimed 60.4 percent more in capital gains in 2012 than 2011, locking in lower tax rates before the 2013 tax increase took effect, according to Internal Revenue Service data released today.

Individual investors will have to file tax returns for their securities transaction gains exceeding NT$3 million at a fixed tax rate of 20%, while legal entities will be subject to minimum tax burden for their securities transaction gains exceeding NT$500,000 at a tax rate of 12%, according to the program publicized by the Ministry of […]