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A Ksh 20 excise duty for every kilogram of sugar confectionery proposed by President Kenyatta will see consumers pay more for candy. In a memo sent to the National Assembly, the president proposed the sweet tooth tax in a bid to raise revenue.

The tax on sugary drinks amounts to 2.1 cents per gram of sugar. It represents an 11% increase on a can of Coca-Cola.

The Government should renege on its ‘no new taxes’ policy to combat the obesity epidemic, health experts say.

There are fresh calls for New Zealanders to reduce meat our consumption to save water. A study published in Nature Sustainability shows vegetarian or pescatarian diets could reduce a country’s water footprint by up to half.

It went ahead with its decision despite a protest by employers. Employers closed petrol stations territory-wide for half a day to signal to the government their opposition to its proposed tax rates.