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Developing countries could send every child to school, meet all the health-related Millennium Development Goals and have money left over if they cancelled tax incentives for big multinational corporations, according to a new report by campaign group ActionAid.

Tax evasion by multinationals and corrupt leaders has emerged as a key issue ahead of the third substantive meeting of a UN high-level panel to discuss a framework for development after 2015.

The Asian Development Bank has given Sri Lanka a 59 million US dollar loan to ensure balanced regional development that includes modernising local government taxation, licensing, and approval rules.

Poor countries are being robbed of tax revenue and Ireland is not doing enough to stop the theft, according to 6 leading global development organisations.

Tax evasion, trade mispricing, bribes, and other forms of illicit financial activity caused nearly USD 1.26 trillion to flow from developing nations into wealthier countries in 2008, with the rate growing by an average of 18 percent since the year 2000.

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