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The government suffered on Wednesday its second defeat as a Senate panel rejected a proposal to increase income tax rates for individuals effective July 2018.

On 13 September 2018, the National Treasury released a draft response document to the Draft Rates Bill. The response document noted that National Treasury received 11 submissions related to the Bill – focusing on everything from the proposed Carbon Tax to changes to Estate Duty.

Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said Tuesday that he was in favour of making a start on cutting income tax as the government continues to work on its 2019 budget law. “It is necessary to find the space, in a very gradual way, to make a start with… an initial reduction of household income rates,” Tria […]

The new government plans to pursue the goal of sustainable public finances and respect the fiscal rule, but also lower income tax and increase the contributions paid by employers, according to information obtained by the STA. The strategy for managing state investments will be overhauled.

National/ACT point-scoring demonstrates why Tax Working Group should put end to bracket creep