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Another indirect tax may be charged in 2017 and salary increases for civil servants will have to wait until 2018, Portugal’s Prime Minister, António Costa has said, while confirming that a “tax on luxury real estate assets,” will be put in place.

UK employees pay an average of £1.25 an hour in tax, according to a new analysis of Government revenues. Of this, only 69p of that is in the form of deductions from wages.

As the proportion of indirect taxes in the total budget revenue of Turkey has steadily risen over the last decade, everyday citizens have suffered the most from the country’s lopsided tax system since they allot the majority of their incomes to daily consumption.

The amount of tax revenue the Government has collected through indirect or “stealth” taxes has risen by 50pc over the past 10 years, research has found.

Indirect tax collections have risen at a low rate of 15.6 per cent to Rs.2.17 lakh crore in April-September, against the annual target of 27 per cent, due to slowdown in economic activity.

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