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The European Commission has told Ireland it might investigate more companies in a probe into the nation’s tax practices, after announcing a formal probe into Apple Inc’s Irish subsidiaries, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday.

April 30 (Bloomberg) — The founder of a Swiss trust company that federal prosecutors say worked with Credit Suisse Group AG to help American clients evade taxes is expected to plead guilty today in Virginia, according to court records.

It’s Saturday night going on Sunday morning at a club near the gated homes of the Greek elite in northern Athens as two men and a woman in business suits push through the crowd and demand to see the cash register.

The number of American expatriates giving up their citizenship has recently surged because of a controversial tax law, a report says.

Based on the Department of Finance and Bureau of Internal Revenue’s latest TaxWatch advertisement, only half of the top 10 florists identified by lifestyle guide website filed their income tax returns for 2012. Carlos Florists Inc. paid the highest income tax among the 10 flower shops with P117,538 followed by Tecson Flowers at P92,570.87.

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