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(Reuters) – Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Friday cut taxes for 10 million low earners to try to boost household spending after a two-year recession, making good on a promise he made after taking office two months ago.

BEIJING – Low income earners in China may soon feel some financial reprieve, as the government mulls raising the tax free threshold and giving some concessions for unavoidable personal expenses.

MANILA (UPDATE) – Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares said she is considering drafting a proposal to lower the country’s income tax rates by next year.

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s finance minister has told a business newspaper that the government plans to cut income taxes for low-income Spanish families in 2014 but that citizens in higher income brackets won’t get the same windfall until the country’s economy emerges from a prolonged crisis.

Lower income households are paying a smaller proportion of net income tax than they did in 2008, indicating that the tax system has become more progressive since the Government’s tax changes in 2010, Finance Minister Bill English says.

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