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The tax office has handed assets confiscated from a money laundering suspect over to the South Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office ahead of a hearing at the South Jakarta District Court.

The Vatican’s financial watchdog said Thursday it received 544 reports of suspicious financial transactions last year, a three-fold increase over 2014, thanks in part to beefed-up efforts to flag potential tax cheats who are using the Vatican bank to hide money.

India said it was cracking down on attempts to launder black money locally and told people with unaccounted assets abroad that it will become increasingly difficult to conceal these, urging them to make use of a window that shuts on September 30.

About one in six new immigrants or returning Israelis in the years 2008-2012 whose files were examined by the State Comptroller’s Office were suspected of involvement in money laundering.

For more than a century, Geneva has provided wealthy French families a convenient and safe place to stash their money. Switzerland’s political neutrality, stability, and tradition of bank secrecy have kept their fortunes beyond the reach of warring powers and the most determined tax collectors, even though Geneva is less than 3 miles from the […]

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