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The New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC) says that calls for a sugar tax on sugar-sweetened beverages are misguided and there is increasing international evidence that shows sugar taxes are ineffective in reducing obesity.

DHBs want a tax on sugary drinks – warning the obesity epidemic could result in Kiwi kids living shorter lives than their parents. The extraordinary letters sent to Health Minister David Clark are the strongest call for change so far from within a health system treating more obesity-related disease and tooth decay.

The government of Peru announced today that there will be higher tax rates for sugary drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, gasoline as well as other products in order to encourage a healthier population.

The sugar tax is a “tax for love” and should be extended to cover milkshakes and other milky drinks, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has said.

Ireland’s tax on sugar-sweetened beverages has come into effect today, as the government aims to tackle obesity in the country.

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