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Australians over-claiming on their tax returns took almost $A9 billion ($NZ9.8b) out of the federal government’s budget in just one financial year.

Last year, the taxman was left sitting on a pot of $180 million in overpaid tax. So why aren’t Kiwis filing tax returns to get their money back?

About $1.1 billion in unclaimed federal income tax refunds are waiting for an estimated 1 million Americans who didn’t file a 2014 federal income tax return, according to a recent report released by the Internal Revue Service. The deadline to collect those funds is no later than Tuesday, April 17, which is this year’s tax […]

Responsibility may be a hallmark of this tax season. Only 6 percent of taxpayers plan to flitter away their refunds by taking a vacation or going on a shopping spree, according to a new survey by Meanwhile, more than a third of people will save or invest their tax windfall and 27 percent will […]

The government runs the risk of losing about 3.5 trillion won ($3.17 billion) in tax revenue to U.S. patent holders who are claiming withholding taxes levied on their royalties income here should be returned.

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