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STOCKHOLM – The government of Sweden has new evidence that raising tax collections will not harm the national economy, and would help support national infrastructure.

Swiss banks are facing prosecution in several European countries, accused of complicity in tax evasion and money laundering schemes, especially with French, German, and wealthy Greek citizens.

Back in 2011, surrounded by press, Vladimir Putin emerged from the murky waters of the Black Sea clutching the discovered remnants of ancient buried treasures. The discovery later turned out to be nothing more than a PR stunt. He hadn’t found the artefacts after all. But the stunt had achieved its purpose. Putin was once […]

The deadline for filing federal tax returns this year is April 17th, and with that date fast approaching, the Tax Foundation has compiled a few statistics to help journalists put the nation’s income tax system in perspective.

The EU needs to tackle the economic crisis and move to stronger, fairer and cleaner growth.

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