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Armenia still has a lot to do to improve its tax legislation for entrepreneurs, head of World Bank Yerevan Office, Jean-Michel Happi, said today at a public presentation of the results of the Taxpayers’ Perception Survey 2013 that was conducted by the Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) Armenia between September and December 2013.

Australia’s emissions of carbon dioxide from power generation fell by 12.2 million mt or 7% to 160 million mt of CO2 equivalent in the financial year ended June 30, the first full-year of the Australian government’s carbon tax, energy consultancy Pitt & Sherry said Tuesday.

The French Directorate General for Public Finances (DGFiP) has published its 2012 activity report, highlighting key revenue figures for last year.

The use of what it calls ”foreign tax havens” — including Bermuda — is costing the US $150 billion per year in the form of lost tax revenues, according to academic studies cited by a report from the Washington-based US Public Interest Research Group [PIRG] released on Thursday [Apr. 4].

Europe’s latest anti-money laundering proposals — unveiled yesterday — could have been more ambitious, complained leading independent corruption busting campaigners.

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